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Tom Lescher January 30, 2013 Pele Report, #Astrology Forecast @KapachaFest

Tom Lescher January 30, 2013 Pele Report, #Astrology Forecast


Beyond the pain of losses and the joy brought on by gains,
There is a knowing in my soul that always will remain.
It beckons me ever onward toward a higher plane,
Where infinite serenity and Love forever reign.

This week we can reach that still point within with fixed 3/4 Moon in Scorpio (Sun in Aquarius). From this place of stillness we can see the future! Freely step up, out and into a new space both internally and in the outer world. Time to re-invent yourself yikes!

It’s gettin’ better all the time…….!  With that last full Moon in Leo, I think we all got bumped up a notch. Time to lighten up, break a smile and face the future!   We’re coming out of the budget process now…. listened to the Inauguration speech by Obama and then the State of State address here in California…. It’s been a Capricorn January of getting grounded, balancing the books, and stabilizing ourselves again.  That now being accomplished (hopefully!) we can lift our heads to look toward the horizon.  We’re headed for a party in Pisces this next month and into March, so get your costumes ready.

That being said, it is not too late to signup for the most amazing, low cost, astrology experience in Costa Rica next month!  You can come for either one or two weeks of tropical paradise, astrology and yoga with me, but also a whole wide range of events at the Envision Festival.  We will have 6 planets in Pisces, the sign of spirit healing and returning to oneness during this 2-week stretch.  There will be no better time to retreat, recharge, and renew!  I hope you can break away (like Aquarius would want haha!) and go for it, and I can see you there. Look below for details!

In addition to this weeks Pele Report, I have included a written forecast for the month of February.  The time is flying so fast!  I’m now putting together the second webinar: Astrology 201 for those that either took the first one or have a background in astrology.  It will run from Friday, April 5, 9-11 am Pacific Time for 8 weeks.  The nice thing is that it will be recorded and transcribed into writing, so if you can’t make a class, you can watch it anytime!  The last webinar went through the basic building blocks of chart interpretation: Planets, Signs and Houses.  In this webinar we will put those pieces together into cohesive chart interpretations by exploring planetary aspects, age progression techniques, transits, patterns, and methods of interpretation.  If you are interested in signing up,check out the webinar page on the New Paradigm site .  The last one was great, and we had many happy folks who now share a Facebook page and are still in touch!

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