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Tom Lescher Astrology Forecast for Sept 5th 2012

Tom Lescher Astrology Forecast for Sept 5th 2012

Tom Lescher Astrology Forecast for Sept 5th 2012

“Life is breathing in and out, sitting still within then jumping to shout. As I value both with equal measure, I guarantee a brighter future!”

It was great to have a guest appearance on this week’s Pele Report! Perfect symbology with Venus emerging out of the deep waters of Cancer to lie in the Sun of Leo….can you guess? The report itself is on the High side, and I must say after sleeping on it…. the challenge with the Gemini/Virgo square could actually also manifest as being torn between having fun and having too much work! The Moon/Jupiter wants to go out and jump but the Sun/Merc might just say “Not until you get ALL your work done!” Hence the mantra about finding the balance.
Anyway, if the Pele report is not enough I will be a guest on a radio show this Friday (US time) for an hour of talking about 2012/2013… here is the link to check it out!

And if that is not enough I’m going to also be on Equinox Evolutions on September 20th at 8pm EST. Click here for more info on that.

And if THAT is not enough and/or you’re tired of listening to astrology and want to become your own astrologer….you can still join the Webinar series that began last Saturday. They are all recorded and you can catchup and go live with us or you can listen to them whenever you want. For further details CLICK HERE.

Whew, that’s all for now… can you tell Jupiter is in Gemini conjunct my Moon? Ha ha…. Frankly, I’ll be a bit relieved when it passes and don’t have to talk this much ha ha! Aloha for now….


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