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Tom Lescher Astrology Forecast for for January 2 , 2013 @kaypachafest

Tom Lescher Astrology Forecast for January 2 2013
Tom Lescher Astrology Forecast for for January 2 , 2013

Published on Jan 2, 2013


I don’t know about you but this is one cold New Years for me!  Like all beginnings, it is full of excitement about the possibilities for the coming year while also having some trepidation as to whether I’m making all the right choices for the desired outcome.  With Mars now in Aquarius, it is time to envision the NEW while at the same time making definite moves towards making it happen.  While it can be scary putting yourself out of the comfort zone, the indications are that it is necessary to take a leap or two!

With that in mind, I am putting the word out one more time that if you are ready for some adventure, warm climate, wisdom teachings, and connecting with mother nature I’m inviting you to join me on either one of two southern expeditions into the unknown.   The first is in the Yucatan Mexico in mid-February where I will be joining with Miguel Angel, a Mayan teacher, to explore the ancient teachings and monuments of southern Mexico.  This trip will visit the pyramids and other sacred sites combining ancient earth teachings with the astrology of 2013 and beyond.  For further information and to join this excursion please CLICK HERE!

The second opportunity for you to enjoy the amazing country of Costa Rica, in depth astrological teachings, and a world class festival bringing music, artists, yoga, dance and more is coming up in the end of February and extending into March.  The Envision festival ( ) will take place in Uvita, Puntarenas February 27- March 3.  From there we will travel together to Puerto Viejo, a beautiful beach town on the Caribbean, for an immersion into the deep soul mysteries revealed through your astrological birthchart.  For more information on this “once in a lifetime” experience please CLICK HERE! and join us for “The Astrology of 2013: The End of Separation”.

That being said, no matter where you are this is a time of dynamic change as the frequency levels continue to rise.  I wish you the best of spirit guidance in making the choices necessary to bring love more fully into your life.  I’m excited to be bringing two workshops to northern California in the coming weeks and perhaps will see you!  In the meantime here is a forecast for the month of January following the weekly Pele Report.  Enjoy!

“I will not withhold my fears,
I will not withhold my tears,
I will continue to expose,
So all may see and know,
That the battle is over and done,
When we all surrender and unite as one.”

Oops!  I totally forgot to say that this week’s Mars square Saturn harkens back to seeds sown in mid-August when they were conjunct in late Libra.  Commitments made or modified at that time will now be manifesting real, tangible changes that need follow up to mature.

Aloha…. Kaypacha

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