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“Strength & Love” – my Mantra made into music (with Gratitude to Layden Robinson!)

Yogis are always chatting with each other about cool new music that they heard on the mat these days and instructors are always looking for new songs and playlists to change things up a bit.  Typical yoga music, as I would call it, is so wonderful and soothing – but sometimes it’s neat to have a different take on things.  As a student, I know I love when an instructor uses something off the cuff, unique and unexpected –

I have recently connected with a musician out there and I think his vibe is SO cool and so neat to use for yoga.  Maybe you know him already, even better!!!  Layden Robinson is a performer of Acoustic Soul music influenced by some of the Greats, such as Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.  Layden has composed of over 40 songs, and during a recent hiatus to Europe, learned the Bass. Layden is currently continuing to record and cultivate his solo career.  His long awaited solo release was made in 2010: “Music meets Emotion” featuring Jason Southard and Ryan Baker from the Christian Kane band (  You can check out (and download!) his latest album,  “Greatest & Otherwise” at: On this album is my favorite track (which is still in demo at the moment soon to be released) , “Strength & Love” which I have downloaded to hear when I am writing and working LOL – love it.  He’s so full of soul and emotion no matter what the song.  I am a true fan.

Layden Robinson

So, thanks to the electronic universe, I got the opportunity to chat with the musician via twitter and email and get to know him a bit:

YWS: Let’s start off with a little background information. How did Layden Robinson start?

LR: Layden Robinson started back in the Winter of “72”, every moment growing more and more curious.

YWS: Where do you draw your influences from?

LR: All over. Anyone that can express their emotions openly and give me that “Butterflies, tingly, moving, feeling” I consider an influence.

YWS: What is your favorite track off your current album and why?

LR: There are so many and they are all so different.  I can’t pick just one.  J

YWS: Can you tell us more about “Strength & Love” which is currently in demo?

LR: Ha Ha. You like that one!  J   I wrote that some years back when I took a couple of months and was writing on the piano. One day after a session in the studio recording tracks for “ Music meets emotion” , Jason Southard gave me an Acoustic guitar and ran tape.  It sat for years until I came across it again and I thought the message had to be shared, that the Strength of unconditional Love is ultimate and will lead us beyond all hardship, heartache and despair.

YWS: What do you think about the current music scene nowadays? Where do you hope Layden Robinson fits in to that scene?

LR: As far as the current Music scene, I really don’t have an opinion because I am an Old School guy and fixate on another time and Era. Music to me is something that should be created to move, and relate to other Souls.  I hope my Music somehow succeeds with whoever chooses to listen.

YWS: What image do you think your music conveys and why?

LR: Not a clue.  LOL.
YWS: Who writes the lyrics in the band? What do the lyrics usually deal with? Any recurring theme or overall message?

LR:  I write the lyrics and most of the Music for my songs and I feel the consistent overall theme within my songs is Faith and Love will prevail over all Adversity and giving up is not an option.  That mixed with an occasional “broken hearted by a beautiful woman” ballad here and there. LOL.

YWS: What dream tour would you love to be on with any past or present bands?

LR: I would love to sing with “Living Colour”, my favorite band of all time, and would love to attempt to sing for Queen.  Freddie Mercury is my favorite Live Frontman ever!

YWS: Do you enjoy performing live or in the studio?

LR: I enjoy both, but I feel Live is more raw and you can convey emotion more openly than in the studio.

YWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

LR: I love performing “Someday” because it seems to be my most popular song and people sing along and everything!  It is kind of my “Purple rain”   J

YWS: What should fans look forward too for the rest of 2011 and beyond?

LR: Me reinventing myself and moving forward into the unknown.

YWS: Do you have an official website?  And where can we purchase your albums right now? (I love the tracks we have downloaded so far!!!)

Folks can go to for more info.

YWS: What can fans see and learn about from you on your website?

LR: Everything!  Well, almost everything.

YWS: And just for fun – fill in the blanks!

Without music I would: be empty

Music is: my Life time Love

My music makes me feel: whole

I write songs because: I express who I am a want to be a Millionaire.

Support Music because: it is the most Universal Language in the World.

YWS: Any last comments?

LR: Love is Life and Life is Love.  Cheers.


SO, yogis – you gotta get/listen to and play some Layden Robinson – it’s amazing stuff.

Layden’s albums/songs are available at Amazon Music, ITunes, and

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