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YogaWithStyle: Spray With Clean Inspiration

Spray With Clean Inspiration

As a yoga mat retailer, I am always curious about natural cleaners for mats…there are so many out there to choose from.  I tried wipes, but they just did not cut it for me.  I’ve had friends who have destroyed expensive  mats by using bad cleaners and even common household sprays out of desperation (and please do not put your mat in the washing machine as in our article feature pix! fellow yogis, it’s not a good thing unless your mat manufacturer specifies its OK LOL!).  So in my quest to find a true yogi mat cleaner I met Heather Marshall.  I got in touch and got some samples in our studio (not only do we sell them in the studio, clients use the testers on their way out when leaving class – so great!!!) and we also some sent out to a few of my hot yoga customers and WA-LA!  We had found a great NATURAL cleaner!!  And it’s not only great for mats, but stinky gym bags, sports equipment (gave some to my girlfriend whose son plays ice hockey and she sprays it on his pads and stuff that cannot go in the wash)…the list goes on.  And WOO HOO does this stuff smell AMAZING!  Just opening the shipping carton was so uplifting!

Not surprising to me at all is that Heather is a yogi and instructor herself and began her quest for a good cleaner by creating one herself! In 2007, she made bottles of homemade yoga mat cleaner as holiday gifts. She quickly realized she could help rid the world of stinky, germy yoga mats, while sharing yoga’s deepest meanings—sometimes with a wink—with the masses. And so Namaspray®, a play on the yogic greeting Namaste, was born. Accordingly, each bottle comes with an inspirational quote designed to uplift, inform and promote that “one-love” philosophy, without any high-handed, “you must go meditate in a cave to achieve enlightenment” stuff. Just accessible information designed to make taking care of yourself—and your yoga mat—an uplifting experience. (My personal favorite quote from her site:  “What did the Valley Girl Say after Yoga Class:  OOOOOHHMMMMMiGOD!”)

So through the connection of Namaspray, I got the opportunity to ask Healther about herself – (I have so enjoyed hearing how small brands evolve just through the yogic experience of life!):

YWS: In five words or less, describe yourself.

HM: Compassionate, silly, loving, loyal, human.

YWS: What are your yoga strengths and do you specialize in any one practice?

HM: I teach Hatha yoga, drawing on Kripalu and Iyengar styles. I always slow it down to focus on alignment rather than flow.

YWS: What do you find most challenging about being a yoga instructor?

HM: Teaching beginners. But it’s also the most rewarding. When a student gains that body awareness and you know it’s because of yoga, that’s a great feeling.

YWS: What special skills do you have?

HM: I like to give hands-on assists, which I learned from my yoga teacher. Because I teach at a health club, this is unusual.

YWS: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date?

HM: My two kids. Seriously, they are so wonderful.

YWS: OK, some more lighthearted fun stuff…. If you could go back in time to have dinner with someone who would it be?

HM:  Um, the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving.

YWS: If you could be any animal what would you be?

HM: A bird. So I could fly.  (side note: this btw, has been the top answer for all the yoga instructors we have chatted with to date – I love this – we all want to fly….so cool!)

YWS: If you could be a fruit what fruit would you choose and why?

HM: Well, I’ve been called a peach before.

YWS: What was the funniest incident you can remember from/during your instructor training process?

HM: Trying to do partner poses with a woman half my size. We called ourselves Mutt and Jeff.

YWS: Out of all your teaching memories which memory/story/incident do you think or rate as the funniest?

HM: I went to Kripalu for some training and I was determined to meditate. It was late, there was no parking. So I kept driving around the parking lot. First, I saw a statue of Ganesh with beautiful flower offerings. Then I saw St. Francis of Assisi. I kept thinking these would be great places to meditate. Then, I saw a woman leaning over a waist-high statue. What tradition is that from, I wondered? So I parked, walked over and saw the woman throw her cigarette butt into the statue. It was actually a butt depot. I laughed at myself all weekend.

YWS: If you were a god what would you do to the world?

HM: I’m more of a follower than a leader, but I’d be sure to do some random acts of kindness.

YWS: Which super power would you like to have and why?

HM: Teleportation. Think of the carbon emissions I would save!

YWS: If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find?

HM: Almond milk, lots of condiments and whatever else I bought at the store.

And in closing on a more serious note, YWS: In light of all the media lately about yoga’s origins and how western influence has possibly changed things (in some views in a negative way), what is your take on how American lives have embraced the yoga lifestyle and what do you see or wish for the future?

HM: I think it’s a natural progression of sharing wisdom through the ages. It will continue to be popular, probably to the point where people don’t even notice it anymore.

Learn more about Heather and Namaspray at and you can of course, purchase it at Yoga With Style! Thank you so much Heather for being such a wonderful Light in the Universe!

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