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#Occupy Yoga is Real


Occupy for Yoga is very real

As most of my dedicated readers already know, I have dedicated the last two years to proving that Yoga Alliance is a corrupt, non-legal credentialing yoga entity.
They created the environment that began Government taxation and intervention in the United States three years ago when I worked at Yoga Journal.
Meanwhile – simultaneously, Yoga Alliance denied help to New York and Virginia (the state Yoga Alliance is located in) while paying $336,325.00 for public relation “blog farming” during the exact time that Yoga Regulation Battles.
Translation:  Rather than actually changing the public’s perception of Yoga Alliance by doing estimable act’s they paid a professional corporate blog farming media business to manipulate and inspire un-assuming yogis.
The only people who covered the facts during New York’s and Virginia’s yoga regulation ordeal or the indiscretions of Yoga Alliance were yoga bloggers.  Occupy has been alive and well for over three years now.
There has always been a great deal of “ignorance is bliss” in yoga, and It doesn’t stop me from providing the minority opinion.
The minority opinion says it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that there is a network within yoga that controls everything that happens in and out of yoga… Especially when the Yoga Alliance president John Matthews admitted it publicly at the 2011 Texas Yoga Conference.
The question really is, do you want to know what the truth is, or do you want to keep your head buried with the frothy emotional appeals engineered by corporate yoga marketing.
It is always your choice whether you think for yourself or you succumb to popular opinion.
Brian Castellani

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