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January 16, 2013 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast (Tom Lescher) #Kapacha

January 16 2013 Pele Report Astrology Forecast

January 16, 2013 Pele Report

Astrology Forecast (Tom Lescher) #Kapacha


Wow!  So much going on!  I hope you are having a great kickoff (and not kick butt) into 2013!   Seems like never a dull moment.  If it is not business, then it is emotional release, but one way or the other we are all getting a full serving of life these days!  Here at New Paradigm Astrology, we are keeping pretty busy also.  In addition to the Pele report today, there is a short intro to a talk Kaypacha gave on “The Astrology of 2013.”   Here is the catch!  It is just an intro ha ha!  We hope you are feeling generous and donate to the cause of having a traveling festival of spirit light and healing going around this summer and enjoy an astro-forecast at the same time!  We will be posting a short little video update of how the Festival is coming along (great!) ASAP.

The Sun/Mercury move into Aquarius this weekend and we’ll have a shift from some of the heaviness into lighter, expanded realities/potentials.  We wish you the best life has to offer and hope to stay connected.   Lastly, there is still room to signup for the Mexico tour of sacred sites and/or the Costa Rica experience laid below and on the New Paradigm site.  Hope to see you there!…….. Aloha……. Kaypacha

“Now’s the time to change,
The way I live and love,
Time to go within,
And see I’m now old enough,
To accept the Other as they are,
And not project my stuff!”

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