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Happy Birthday KK Ledford – #shitKKsays – @KK_KaliKa


#Shit KK Says – @KK_KaliKa

Happy Birthday KK Ledford!

*wiLdMoOnWisDom*  mischievous and divine. creatrix goddess. destroying angel. tree-hugging dirt-worshipper. sri sprite. fiery faerie. farmer fashionista.

Hi! I am KK Ledford, M.A., Certified Anusara yoga instructor.

Welcome to my blog site, a place for musings for and about the Kosmic Kula… for those that love life, and Anusara yoga, and astrological insights…

for yogins, devas, tricksters, wild women, star gazers, love pirates, passionate meditators, magic weavers, mischief makers, faeries, daydreamers, dakinis, liliths, artists, farmers,  kosmic knitters …

with sprinklings of astrology, Tantra, and nature adoration.

Blessed be ~*~

KK’s bio:

KK is a Certified Anusara yoga teacher from the forests of East Texas, currently in SF. She began studying intensively with her teacher (founder of Anusara yoga) John Friend in 1998 and has been teaching Anusara yoga ever since. KK brings to her classes a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality, an astrological perspective, an integrated knowledge of therapeutics and Tantric philosophy, and an outlook steeped in nature-based spirituality.

KK emits a big radiant energy and enthusiasm for yoga. She has dedicated over 14 years to teaching yoga and has spent almost 20 years studying the mysteries of Consciousness. With a quirky sense of humor and fierce dedication, she combines yoga, astrology, herbalism, and embodied spirituality in her dynamic classes. She inspires students to work hard and deepen their commitment to sadhana, awakening to their own innate power and splendor.

Her ongoing and extensive studies in Kashmir Shaivism and Neelakantha meditation are with her primary teacher, Paul Muller-Ortega. She was also blessed to have studied Rajanaka for many years and continues her studies with the amazing Douglas Brooks.

In addition to her public and private classes, she facilitates workshops and ceremonies for women and officiates weddings. She models regularly and contributes to articles, having appeared in Yoga Journal, Common Ground, Elephant Journal, 7×7 Magazine. She was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal (Nov 2010) and Where Magazine.

KK offers her gratitude and love to all her teachers and guides, seen and unseen. And deep pranams to John, Paul, Douglas, Vicki, Judy, Debbi, Diane.

Jai Ma Kali!

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