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Explore the World of Independent Yoga with Yoganomics® • the blueprint of yoga | Be Local, Live Yoga.  

Explore the World of Independent Yoga with Yoganomics® • the blueprint of yoga | Be Local, Live Yoga.  

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Newtown Yoga Festival | Sandyhook Elementary | Yoganomics

What We Believe | Newtown Yoga Festival

Newtown Yoga Festival believes that yoga, mindfulness and music are tools for opening the dialogue, raising the vibration of awareness and inviting love into our body and into our communities in the world.

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Michael Anderson Yoga Teacher at Newtown Yoga Festival | Yoganomics | one

Michael Anderson, Founder at Newtown Yoga Festival

Everyone in the area has a tie to the Sandy Hook shootings in some way or another, and everyone wanted to be a part of the healing.

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Newtown Yoga Festival | Yoganomics

History of Newtown Yoga Festival

The Newtown Yoga Festival began in 2013 in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, today they support mental health awareness and contribute what they raise to charities.

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Kids Free To Do #Yoga in Los Angeles | Yoganomics

Kids Free To Do #Yoga in Los Angeles

Yoga taught in a San Diego County school system is not a gateway to Hinduism

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The Practice Called #Yoga | Yoganomics®

The Practice Called #Yoga | #JohannaSteinfeld @namasteathomejo

We know we need to keep our bodies moving and exploring many different ranges of motion. Yoga practice does just that and combines these movements with deep mindfulness.

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"Who Owns Yoga?" by Bhanu Bhatnagar | Kickstarter Campaign | Yoganomics

“Who Owns Yoga?” | @Bhanu_Bhatnagar

“Who Owns Yoga?” is a film project by Bhanu Bhatnagar, Micah Garen and Marie-Helene Carleton that looks at the Commercialization of Yoga, and you can participate.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Yoga is an Invaluable Gift | Yoganomics

International Yoga Day | Yoga is an Invaluable Gift

“Yoga is an invaluable gift of our ancient tradition. It is not about exercise, it’s a path through which an individual can discover a oneness with nature.”

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Nancy "Suzanne" Duarte | Yoganomics

Explaining The Smile After Being Arrested for Arson of American Power Yoga

It is my sincerest hope this woman get’s the help she needs from her health insurance plan with Obamacare… Unless she’s on Medicaid

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Kids Yoga: Teaching the 8s

Kids Yoga: Teaching the 8s

Different kids learn in different ways. The more you can combine the eight intelligences, or ways of learning in your yoga classroom, the more kids will take in.

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Yoganomics® • the blueprint of yoga for Independent Yoga •

JAIPUR: Law Board Terms Yoga / Surya Namaskar as Anti-Islam

India Muslim Law Board strongly objects to Rajasthan government’s move making Surya Namaskar / Yoga compulsory in schools.

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