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August 17th to August 23th Lunar Forecast by Jessica via: Tom Lescher

A note from Tom Lescher:

“When I play with the day I see it as the only way, to find what is uniquely me, and bring it out for the world to see.” This new Moon in Leo on Friday will hopefully bring out the lion cub in all of us that likes to romp and play in abandoned joy. Letting go of the stress and tension from the recent weeks will allow the creative juices to flow….in-joy!

August 17th to August 23th Lunar Forecast

by Jessica

August 17th to August 23th Lunar Forecast by JessicaIf you are fortunate enough to live in a place that is not illuminated in all areas by electricity, you have the opportunity to experience the real essence of the Dark Moon Nights.  The darkness is all encompassing and stepping into it can make it difficult to see, even the next step in front of us.  Nights like these sharpen our instincts and tap us into the mysterious depths of what is hidden and unexposed.  When the ability of sight is not available, we need to hone in on our capacity to listen and be guided from an inner awareness.  This is where we are.  This is what we have been in preparation for: the heightening of our sensitivities and perceptions, and the trusting in our intuitions and having faith that we will be supported through the steps we take, and believing that we can accomplish the task of moving through the dark…

The New Moon darkness reminds us of the most primal corridors of our spirits where we are full of themagical, mysterious, and raw creative potential waiting for the perfect moment of readiness.  We have spent this past summer, in so many ways, making closure, letting go and surrendering to the death and rebirth process of life, clearing space for what is coming. Now this New Moon (in collaboration with other celestial bodies) is ushering in a very potent statement of The New Beginning upon us.

This cycle will peak in a most powerfully healing Full Moon in Virgo on August 31st, when we will all have the opportunity to experience and witness some very profound and even miraculous healings occurring in the lives of many.  However, I hesitate to mention that often with healing comes crisis.

This New Moon Virgo weekend sets the stage for the entire rest of this lunar cycle: healing, purifying and deepening.

We have truly been going through an initiation process, and it is in these next two weeks that we become initiated.  We will rise like the moon, growing ever upwards in our light, our consciousness, our awareness and our vision.

We each have our own individual expression of the ritual offerings, intents and purposes throughout this renewal period.  We are each experiencing our own magic, and our own medicine and our own personal rite of passage into the next stage of our development.

Neptune and Chiron together in Pisces is a reflection of the lesson that we are experiencing: that our pain is our divine teacher and there is unconditional and unlimited love to be claimed therein.

This New Moon on Friday August 17th comes in the last hours of Leo giving us one last blast of the fulfillment to be experienced from all the victorious and triumphantly courageous moments we have just journeyed through!  Allow yourself the praise! There is call for applause here.  We have been going through such an enormous purging and purification process.  Our ego is getting seriously re-defined, our spirits cleansed, and our heart is ceaselessly being called upon through it all.  Hopefully we have all had opportunities to experience some of the glorious and inspiring aspects of ourselves and others within this process.  Rejoice in the radiance of this Lion Heart strength you hold because as the evening dawns and the raven black night moves in, a different type of strength will settle in…the strength of Virgo. Virgo is the virgin Earth Goddess. She has gone through the focused, tedious effort to purify, and through this discipline she has found the wholeness of herself.  She carries the strength of a humble spirit and the quality of humility in being a servant to God, to Truth, to Love, and to Life. For it is within the desire to be of service to that which needs your strength, your ability and your devotion that true freedom exists.

Venus is now moving on from its opposition to Pluto and square Uranus.  The test has been in the experiences… of reformulating new boundaries and structures within relationships (major ego confrontations) as our ego needs and habits attempt to survive in this environment of the powerfully emerging Spirit with in us all.

Sunday night, Moon trine Lilith gives us an earthy grounded feel.  It’s a good time to show some appreciation and recognition to Mother Earth as the body that supports and nourishes us.  Feed yourself a healthy dinner in gratitude for the physical abundance available and for our bodies as the temple of our soul.

The Moon moves into Libra in the night, and we will wake Monday into a Grand Cross of Earth, Air, Fire and Water between Pluto, Moon, Uranus and Venus.  There is supreme balance within the tension of polar opposites… we are in harmony and there is grace in these places of immense tension.  We must just look for it and we will see…oh yes, and don’t forget to contribute.

Tuesday, the Moon in Libra joins up with Saturn and Mars and also aspects Lilith, reminding us of the recent struggles with security vs. flexibility, personal and relationship conflicts, and finding some balanced ground within extreme conditions and circumstances.  Here, from this place, we can now reflect and move forward with our newfound perspectives and insights from a greater state of peace, grace and acceptance.  Many people are moving forward these days with (for the most part) a clean slate.  Today is a great day to set new intentions.  Fill in that board of your hearts desire with potential plans, ideas and creations you can see yourself bringing forth into your new life experience.

On Wednesday, August 22nd, the Moon moves into Scorpio and the Sun moves into the sign of Virgo today.  Moon in Scorpio, we feel the powerful pull towards that which we desire, to that which we feel we need to complete and fill us with more than what we currently are.  We feel today a new ray of light…that of Virgo.  We are moving out of the fiery, inspiring time of Leo into the grounded, focused Virgo. It is time to honor our weaknesses and acknowledge that we are creatures of immense power and ability, amongst incredible handicaps and limitations.  This is the great compliment of life.

On Thursday, August 23rd, Mars moves out of Libra and into Scorpio where it will remain for the next 6 weeks. We are at the start of a deep alchemical process of the soul. Transformation through deep integration and merging on the most personal and intimate levels is underway.  Scorpio is the detective and it seeks to discover and reveal the truth.  It is not deflected by the dark, the ugly, or the forbidden. To Scorpio this is all just part of the territory where mysterious lost pieces of the puzzle can be found, hidden gems discovered, and repressed potential uncovered.  With Mars in Scorpio, it is a time of delving deep, metamorphosing ourselves, looking at the nature of all our desires, and the motivations and intentions that stem from those desires. The active, outgoing, intentional force of Mars is propelling us forward, propelling us into the truth, propelling us to evolve.

And today the Moon is in Scorpio opposite Lilith, with the Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune. We can all hear the wounds crying out to be healed. There is a whisper being carried upon the breeze that blows to each one of us…it is a plea and a prayer asking that we heed the message to at last bow at the feet of The Beloved, which of course lives within each one of us, and can be witnessed in each outside of us. Pay homage to the divine that dances around us all in each moment, feel the caressing touch, and feel that you are eternally guided, for it is from this place of faith that we can heal.

We are being initiated into the reality that we are highly sensitive, receptive, spiritual beings capable of having multidimensional experiences within this 3rd dimensional reality. Our bodies are vehicles into deep sensory experiences which contain the messages and information that we are seeking. Yes, much has been lost and there is much to be restored, but for everyone on some level what has been gained is the priceless reward of the revelation of one’s own truth.  Now from this place we proceed on into the chambers where healing takes place…Be Present.

The light is growing once again, as promised, greater with each day. Feel it within, as we are all just reflections one and the same of the great cosmic picture.

Peace for all.  Love for all.

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