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Astrology Forecast for December 2012 (Tom Lescher) #Kaypacha #Yods

new paradigm astrology "We are the ones we've been waiting for" @yoganomics

Astrology Forecast for December 2012

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

deep sea diving

The deep sea diving expedition that we have been on lately will return to the surface this month and each of us will have the opportunity to display all that we have foraged from the depths of our hearts and souls. It has been a long expedition, for some lifetimes, that will now culminate with the long prophesized end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the “5th World” on the solstice (December 21). The astrology of this month indicates a certain “coming to terms with Truth,” a time of bringing our own personal truths into alignment with an impersonal, universal Truth that is at the root of all creation.

astrology of the month

First, let’s look at the astrology of the month to see what it portends. We may call this the month of Yods! A Yod, often called “The Finger of God,” occurs when two planets (in this case Saturn and Pluto) are in sextile to each other (60 degrees) and both are aspecting a third planet (in this case both Jupiter and Lilith) by quincunx (150 degrees). Besides the planets mentioned, which will be in the Yod formation throughout the month, we also have a fourth planet at the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto (now in mutual reception). Not getting too technical, we just want to note that on the 1st we have Jupiter opposite the Sun and in a Yod with Venus and Mars. On the 12th Jupiter conjuncts Lilith (really all month) and opposes the Moon while forming a Yod with Saturn/Pluto. On the 15th, Mercury takes the place of the Moon, and on the fated 21st, Venus takes it’s place. For those interested in astrology, you will want to check all planets in your chart that occupy the 7th & 8th degree of any sign as these will strongly aspect this month.

Besides all those Yods, the Sun moving into Capricorn on the 21st, Mars into Aquarius on Christmas Day, and the full Moon in Cancer on the 28th must all be at least mentioned.

the sign of Sagittarius

Now, what does this all point to?! The focus of all these Yods falls in the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. It points to a month where we will all be faced with deep issues concerning the meaning of our lives and the purpose of our existence. As the world continues to reveal hidden aspects of ourselves, others, and creation itself, it is up to us to adjust our approach, our goals, and our beliefs to both feel safe within a new reality and to use the new information to evolve new ways of living. Discovering that the world was round had a significant impact on all of humanity, causing a great shift in the collective consciousness which initially disoriented people around the globe until they had time to digest the new truth.

the re-emergence

We know at this time of the changing of the ages, the falling of the patriarchy, and the re-emergence of the power of the feminine we can have some questions about just what is the right path, relationship, or vocation that is really going to give us a meaningful life. What we believe is directly related to what we value; what we feel is good or bad for us (and our children/planet) and why we are here. These fundamental questions need answers for us to remain psychologically and spiritually healthy and integrated; not falling into desperation, depression, confusion, and disillusionment. It is a basic human need to give meaning to the events of our lives, so as not to live in total chaos.

change within the collective

While there may be significant physical or socio-political changes this month, the underlying cause/purpose of these events is actually a change within the collective human consciousness. The Lilith/Jupiter conjunction reflects the growing intensity of our inner experience and its power to create change in the outer world. It is time to find meaning and purpose more within our own psyches than through the controlling or domination of others, land, money, or power. It is time to integrate the fragmented aspects of our inner soul more than seek fulfillment, joy and happiness through further conquest of the outside world.

opportunity to expand

What we believe to be true influences the way we perceive the external events occurring in our lives, and this month gives us the opportunity to expand and open to new interpretations of what is happening. As an example, if we believe security lies in creating permanent structures or mechanisms that will not change through time like the steam engine, then the unveiling of a new engine will threaten us and our security causing anxiousness, fear, and foreboding. We may also believe that a secure relationship is best maintained by neither person changing. In both these ways we can see a resistance to growth and change which will inevitably lead to trauma, as all of nature constantly calls for change and evolution. The more we are able to embrace change and expand our beliefs to include new possibilities that we had thought impossible or unattainable, the more we will be in sync with nature and thus insure both our survival and chance for joyful fulfillment.

the focal point of the Yod

This month is one where our attitudes (based upon our beliefs) will interpret personal and world events in such a way as to incite joy, enthusiasm, and empowerment or give us a sense of being overwhelmed, beat, and powerless. Venus, as the focal point of the Yod on 12/21, 22, 23, indicates a time of major breakthrough into the possibility of us embracing all life; all the people in our lives and all the events of our lives (even the pain and suffering), as bringing positive, evolutionary changes necessary for our growth as individuals and as a collective.

love and compassion

A new consciousness based upon inclusion (feminine) versus exclusion (masculine) can pave the way toward a newfound freedom, understanding, personal and social order. This can be a time when we embrace all that life brings to us, surrendering our goals and ambitions in order to receive in humility, the gifts of each person, moment, and event. Gifts of understanding, the opening to love and compassion, and the making of a place for everyone in the circle of family and society are now being offered. Any exclusion, denial, or judgment leading to separation will have painful effects lasting seven generations into the future. Now is the time to accept, include, and heal all the outsiders to ensure a brighter, more joyous future for the generations to come.

beliefs that embrace all humanity

This is the opportunity afforded to us this month. The opportunity to begin a new era, a new world, by removing and replacing old beliefs, laws, dogmas, doctrines and the institutions that uphold them with new, inclusive, compassionate beliefs that embrace all humanity. This is the end of an old age where security was sought through resisting change to a new age where security lies in understanding, accepting, and reading the book that Life presents us. To remain open and receptive to the wisdom inherent in life rather than attempting to imprint our limited personal expectations and will upon life will result in outcomes far exceeding those now being experienced. May you dance the dance with life this month by following Its lead in a state of grateful acceptance rather than tripping yourself up trying to second guess what’s best for all concerned. Let go and In-joy!

Powerful days of change are: 1, 2, 7, 12, 13, 15, 21 – 23, 25, 28, and 30

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