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Astrology Forecast for December 19 , 2012

Astrology Forecast for December 19 , 2012 golden mayan calendar

Astrology Forecast for December 19 , 2012

Tom Lescher | Kaypacha


“The future is pulling me to the unknown,
Away from the comfort and safety of home,
As mama gives birth she pushes thru pain,
Her strength lies in knowing love reigns in the end.”

Yes indeed, we are almost to the New Paradigm! Time to really wrap it up in a nice way and prepare for the journey into the future. I am excited to be unveiling my own personal vision for a new paradigm that EVERYONE can be a part of creating! I will be sending out a special newsletter on the 21st! For right now it is important to understand that the intense energies coming in over the next week are strong enough to literally drive you crazy. Be sure to drink a lot of water, relax, and meditate on your timeless self, so as not to get sucked down into the whirlpool of ego.

In this week’s Pele report I mention a couple of things. First is Tom Kenyon and his Aethos Sound meditation… that can be found at where you click on “listening”, agree, and scroll down to the meditation…. Some great reading there too about the 3 day Solstice event this year. Next, I offered some gestures to clear your magnetic field that I got from AcTah, in his video that you watch at HERE (skip to 14:20 if desired).

Yikes! Made it to northern California and it is COLD! And it’s going to get colder as I head up to Mt. Shasta for a workshop next month January 11-13. I hope you can join me there, and if not perhaps in Auburn, CA January 25-27? We will be looking at the astrology of 2013 and how it effects/reflects what each of us will be going through and dealing with. We’ll use the Family Constellation model to bring out the deepest soul issues coming up and chart a course for working with them. I hope to see you!

I know this can be a challenging time if you desire to clear lifetimes of stuff and take full advantage of the opportunity to expand. I wish you the very best no matter what…. Kaypacha

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