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Astrology Forecast for August 22, 2012 | Jessica Bourque & Tom Lescher

 Astrology Forecast for August 22, 2012 | Jessica Bourque & Tom Lescher

Astrology Forecast for August 22, 2012

“When I’m able to risk messing it up, 
And I go for it giving all I’ve got,
I am being the best I can be, 
And no matter what happens,
It’s (I’m) OK by me.”

Such is the mantra for this week of August 22! As mentioned in the vid this mantra is mutable and can be either “It’s” or “I’m” depending on your preference. One way or the other it is time “market” yourself….get on out there, show your stuff, and use the feedback to improve your show. Wishing you all the best…aloha…..

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Video by: Tom Lescher
by: Jessica Bourque

We have now come to the half-way point from where our unconscious (New Moon 1 week ago) met with consciousness (the Sun) to begin its birthing journey into manifested consciousness.  The half Moon phase now in Sagittarius is where we look upon what has grown into awareness and physical form with this past weeks growing light.  Here we make adjustments to the plans and ideas, and in this case, the theme being much about surrendering and learning, through utterly self revealing conditions, circumstances and experiences.  Humility is on the lesson board during this cycle and it will surely come your way on some spectrum of the scale.  The human experience in itself is a constant humbling experience.  We get sick, we say the wrong thing, and we do the wrong thing.  We are humbled in the face of others, and by life and its many components continuously, this is just part of what we cannot control.

This Half Moon is conjunct the North Node (our future intention) and squares Neptune.  Ultimately, we move through each day in The School of Life, and we are being taught and tested, and teaching, through it in each and every moment.  As we move our way forward now into the fullness of light more is being revealed of where we are going, and what our experiences of the past have been for.  These days the veil between the past, present, and future is thinning, and the timelessness of existence is becoming more and more evident and recognizable.  The Past is the Present is the Future… yet there is still new fresh potential energies waiting to be harnessed and brought into the picture of the current reality.  We are truly in the re-birthing process of Human Consciousness and each moment of each day leads up to it.

On Friday and into this weekend it is about pushing on through to the other side.  Go beyond your own (or others) limits, and create new boundaries, risk, and take a chance into the uncharted realms of your own mind and understandings, of who you are, who anyone is, what Life is.  Proceed onward with a willingness to be flexible and to be challenged. With a willingness to expand beyond your own preconceived explanations of what is going on.  Seek truth above all else. There is such a vastness of potential in each moment that we cannot even understand the whole of it.  Trust in your perceptions, insights and intuitions and listen for the answers, and the messages, that your Destiny is calling out to you. Be cautious not to be to naively or innocently carried away, persuaded, or convinced by others convictions.  There is always another perspective, there are endless perspectives.

On Saturday August 25th the Moon in Sagittarius aims towards the goal of discovering and unveiling the deepest and grandest of meaning from its purpose.  It wants to illuminate a world where there is so much more to be experienced and discovered in which the truth of our existence is revealed.  Sagittarius holds enthusiasm and optimism, sharing a sense of humor to lighten up the focus of it all.  Sagittarius in its true power reminds us to be marveled by the phenomenon we participate in, while joyously grinning along the way…

On Sunday August 27th the Moon finishes up it’s questing in Sagittarius and enters into Capricorn were we have the opportunity to begin (or continue) to establish something, or ourselves, more into the direction we are determined for.  With Capricorn there is perseverance in the air…you can choose to harness it in and use it purposefully to help stabilize your efforts, ideas, desires and visions.  There is reliability and dependability available amongst all the shifting and changes upon us, you can be sure of this. We are working to reconstruct the walls that necessarily needed to fall, and recreate foundations which greater serve, and support, where we are now. It is a time calling upon the mature wisdom within us to uphold the great task at hand, for it is the walls within that we will most feel the crumbling of…

This leads us into Monday August 26th where we have the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, square Uranus.  Feelings run deep and we are moved to assert and build upon ourselves like the waxing light.  Accomplish and achieve some steady ground and leeway towards your goals during this time.  Make peace with your past and your present. Make peace with your self and your ancestors.  We are all working out the same human condition in many individual ways, which all equates to the same resolution– self love and acceptance, and a true awareness of total worthiness within all beings.   This time is so much about taking responsibility for our lives, doing what we need to do to create the lives we want, and not waiting for anybody, or anything to arrive to do it for us.

“Be the change you want in the world” Gandhi spoke in his most humble way.  Find the ways and resources inside yourself, and outside, to make it happen.

The dawning of the light is exposing more than ever the messages that we are not victims, that we cannot continue to blame and judge when there is still so much that we ourselves have yet to do for ourselves.  We must begin within and do what is necessary in the co creation of this new world we are creating.

With Moon opposite Venus on Monday we stand across looking over at the polarized aspects of who we are, where we are, and what we have created.  How do your most personal needs affect others, and how does that effect the whole “project” at hand?  Today we are given the opportunity to look at our deepest needs, security issues, and judgments, and take a glimpse upon how we are conducting ourselves, and how do our ways relate to, and interact with, others.  How does our individual contribution feed into the success of the social requirements we are all naturally bound to?

We continue this into Tuesday August 27th with Moon in Capricorn squaring Saturn in Libra.  It’s a time to reflect upon the limitations, compromises, restrictions and obligations, that bind us to our particular structures of consciousness and actions. Committing to working towards creating balance and harmony out of the extremes is the job at hand. As Moon moves into Aquarius and squares Mars in Scorpio we can use the clarity obtained in objective vision, and the insightful honesty gained, to clear the path.  Aquarius cuts through illusion, and Scorpio penetrates to the core, so together today we can come clean and clearly define what is coming into the light.   Deep fear and anger is seeking to emerge.  Try to see your personal issues and attachments from a non-attached perspective. The practice is to try to not take what you are working through too personally.  We are spiritual beings working through human conditions.  We each have our part to digest, and process, and transmute through, (for ourselves and all) as part of our human duty, or service to life.

Wednesday August 28th with the Moon in Aquarius we can continue to tap into our capacity for genius, and innovative solutions to serve the good of all.   Today is the conclusion of the approximately year and a half cycle of the Lunar Nodes in one sign.  Tomorrow the collective consciousness will shift into a new focus of karmic resolution, and future manifestation, from the Gemini/Sagittarius axis into the Taurus/Scorpio axis.  We will all feel this new change coming in over the next weeks.

We have had our lessons, and our tests, and our experiences in regards to our beliefs, opinions, and perspectives.  What we know as true in respect to what is true for others.  We have been in a major process of learning, and expanding our intellects, our capacity to interpret our existence, and how to relate, and integrate it all, along with our opinions being widely challenged, debated, and reformed.  Now we are prepared (more than ever before) to take it in deeper, to take it into a more personal and intimate arena, and gather up our deepest resources, and witness and experience that of others.  We are about to come out of the head space and into the physical body, where we will be able to see and feel some very real evidence of what it is that we hold within.  This time will reveal many of our fears towards, and needs for, co- creating, merging, and uniting vs. self- sufficiency, personal resources and property, and what is our worth and worthiness really all about.

Thursday August 29th the Moon in Aquarius opposes Mercury in the last couple days of Leo.  The “Messenger of the Gods” has been swiftly and busily occupying our minds with ideas of how to create those fun, jolly, and joyful experiences!  Play, play, play…express, and create has been the sounding upon the wings of time.  There has been support in the pleasure of having fun and taking the liberty to express one’s desire’s, feel one’s own self importance and creativeness.  We have been tapping into the reality of our individual specialness and our divinity, our creativity and our innovative and genius nature.  There is so much to do!  And we have such enormous capacity to harness in on.  We are each as brilliant and bright as the grandest reflection we can see!

Moon moves into Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces and we are beginning our descent from our self-centered focus, our attunement with our self importance, and our awareness of our separate nature, and entering into the humble realms of no-thing-ness, ego-dissolving, transparency, where service to life’s calling washes over us, and consumes us with its force seemingly so much more powerful than we are…reminding us that we each have a purposeful dedication of service to offer, and contribute, to the flowing progression and progress, of it all .  We have moved into a time where we must focus on what our routines are contrived of, and each and every ingredient we are adding to the mix.   There is room for “mistakes”, for with each move there is a lesson, and an insight, and clarity delivered.  However, there is effort required with each action, so the intention is to stay healthy and grounded, as purification is not an easy practice.  It demands total presence and willingness to do what ever is necessary in each passing moment to maintain the balance it seeks.

On Friday August 30th Full Moon in Pisces, the “Blue Moon”, conjuncts Chiron today and we have full light illuminating our most personal, and yet at the same time, our collective wounds.  Chiron is the “Wounded Healer” and it is here that we see how deep pain and suffering, when understood, can offer many gifts and blessings.  There is love and wisdom to be found in the most unsuspecting of places.  Finding that is one of the grandest of test for humans.  We must truly surrender into the light, and offer in humbleness, with humility, that we are all carrying around a wounded ego, a wound spirit, a wounded heart, within a wounded body.  Look around… how clearly we can identify, in one way or another, the same human struggles within each one of us.

Today is a calling to open our hearts and give love, and receive love, create love, make love, and be love.  Pain is surely a means to learn, and to grow, and to know healing. However, pain and suffering in the absence of Love is the most uncomfortable.   We are being asked to evolve our relationship to pain into honoring its presence, its value, and its purpose, as another emotional tool that has the power to transcend us into higher states of awareness, not merely victimize us by its debilitating power.   When we meet pain from a greater state of self-worth we come better equipped to meet its powerful force.  To enter upon the ride knowing that we will come out, not destroyed, but still whole within our heart and soul and strengthened by the meeting.

This Full Moon carries the Light of the Spiritual Warrior who has been swallowed into the depths of the underworld, and who has transcended to the heights of Heaven.  It is about being a whole being, knowing that we encompass within us, all of life in all its various emotions and experiences.  We are all connected within the same energetic web that is Life. 

 As we all share in the same act of breathing in all the same breath of Life, may we all feel the honor, and the inherent worthiness in being alive. 

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