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Yoganomics® has been the only independent yoga website that has consistently helped teachers, studios, and small businesses organically impact their local communities.

Through the sheer magnificence of our natural media landscape and my own understanding of yoga education, it has had a significant impacted my life for the better.

I have completely reshaped my life and attitude about living locally and made it into a thriving local business.

I offer over 10 years of online communications experience and have a successful record of working with reputable clients, chef's, smaller mom and pop places, along with other farmers such as CartWheel Ranch Meats, Hightide Yoga Studio, Eat Your Yard Jax, and Beaches Local Food Network.

Being successful is more than paying someone to validate your own efforts.

Nothing happens without planning.  The best way to stand out is to become more local.  It's that simple.  If teachers, studios, retreats and yoga businesses want to affect change, they have to focus on what's important to them and their community.  

Let us teach you how to match your local market demographic with building your websites, or editing your current website, or teaching you specific social media strategies to grow organically and authentically.

My experience spans 10 years of working with successful and reputable clients, including Independent Yoga Businesses, Independent Farmers, Furniture stores, Chefs,  Organic Vertical Farmers, Permaculture Architects and Local Farmers Markets.  

Whether you're looking for help with existing campaigns or need to create a project from scratch, we're here to help with services ranging from video, website hosting, web design, photography, newsletters, social media management, to implementing great marketing strategies.



  • Ready to Begin!
  • Marketing Help & Education
  • Social Media Interface
  • Website Help



  • Perfect for small businesses
  • Marketing
  • Learn social media engagement
  • Utilize photography for maximum benefit
  • Uniform profile optimization



  • Dedicated marketing and web help
  • Enhanced research & development goal setting
  • Target audience assessment
  • Profile optimization 
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Who We Are.

Most hosting happens in the cloud these days, yet hosting is disconnected from website providers.

Hosting providers give you the details about their infrastructure - and then if you have a question, they say, "sorry, that's not actually in our scope of services, we can't answer that..."

They leave you to figure it out on your own... Not cool, kind of frustrating, right?

That's where we come in.

We are Different.

Yoganomics speaks human.  

It takes more than infrastructure to get your website up and running. It takes the willingness to understand what our customers want and need to be successful.

We host websites, build websites, write articles, social media postings, build websites and generally kick ass.

What We Offer.

  • SEO Optimized Video that is geographically fixed to your location
  • Dedicated and reliable marketing
  • Web Development: WordPress, Big Commerce, Square Space, Shopify
  • SEO enhanced pages
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads, Pages, Groups
  • Yelp Placement
  • Yellow Pages (
  • Social Media planning
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Blog

Yoganomics wants to amplify your reach locally so you can build better brand awareness around your business. We're  a wild bunch of ethical technology warriors with a twist of granola.  We give you what you want + what you need for a fair price.

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